To date, almost all technical information has been seen in the highly anticipated series of Samsung Galaxy S10. Although we know the colors to be released, today we list for the first time the available renders of all colors side by side by model.

On the top picture you can see the colors of the Galaxy S10e. From left to right: Canary-Yellow (Samsung’s possible attempt to compete with iPhone Xr), Black, Green-Turquoise, and White.

Below you can see the colors of the Galaxy S10 in the first picture and colors of the Galaxy S10 + in the following. Both models will essentially be released in the same shades. These are (top to bottom), Black, Green-Turquoise, and White. There is, of course, the rumor that a Blue Edition will come out at some point. Perhaps this shade is only for the 5G version to be released later.

Samsung will certainly reveal everything you need to know at the “S10 Unpacked” on February 20.