Yesterday, in San Diego’s court, it was held trial between Apple and Qualcomm. After Qualcomm’s chief lawyer had finished the opening remarks, the trial ended and both companies published a joint press release. The companies have announced that they have reached an agreement to put an end to all legal disputes between them. According to one report, Apple and Qualcomm were negotiating settlement for weeks before they reached today’s deal.

As the talks went ahead, Apple began testing the Qualcomm 5G modems and asked its vendors to do the same. Although it is too late for Apple to add Qualcomm modems to the iPhone 2019, according to today’s report, the iPhones 2020 will feature Qualcomm modems along with the 5G chip.

During the legal battle, reports showed that Apple would rely on Intel for the 5G iPhone modems. However, according to previous reports, Intel has failed to prepare the 5G modem when Apple wanted it, and it is not clear whether they will be available in time for iPhones 2020.

Under the arrangement, Apple made an unpayable payment to Qualcomm, which is likely to be worth $7.5 billion. In addition, the arrangement includes a 6-year operating license between the two companies, a two-year license extension option and a multi-year chipset supply agreement.