Apple will now repair iPhones that their owners have replaced the battery with a battery coming from another company. Apple is changing its policy for Apple Genius Bars and Apple Authorized Service Providers, who have not previously repaired iPhones with a third-party battery. As stated in a document, Apple has asked its partners to change tactics and repair the specific iPhones.

So, if there is a battery issue, it can be replaced with an Apple battery. If an iPhone has any other replacement parts coming from third parties, it will not be repaired. The repair only applies to batteries. Also all repairs and replacements will have a fixed price. These changes have already been communicated to Apple’s associates around the world, so soon you can go to repair your iPhone that has a different battery.

This decision proves that repair services provided by third parties are an integral part of the market, and when and when their goal is to ensure the preservation of the high quality of Apple products. If the company can repair enough iPhones with the help of changing its policy, everyone will be able to benefit.