Many rumors have seen the spotlight this time for the next Apple smartphone, most of which may have overlooked us. One even says that the iPhone Max will come with a large 4000mAh battery, wireless charging and a 120Hz display.

Users are still talking about lower-than-expected returns on the relatively new iPhone 2018 and we already hear rumors about iPhone 11 (or iPhone XI). It all started with an iPhone 11 render, with a triple camera, which we initially considered unrealistic. Without confirming this plan, the Wall Street Journal reported in its article a possible triple camera model for this year as well.

Now reports from Weibo go one step further and try to predict more features for the iPhone of 2019. A new screen, with a higher rate of renewal (90-120Hz), is part of the rumor and the same applies to the largest battery of 4,000 mAh for Max model, supporting faster, wireless charging at 15W. The same article argues about the triple back camera that there will be a wide-angle, ultra-wide and a 3X telephoto, as opposed to the 2X used by Apple today.

Previous rumors talked about the possibility of a more crowded notch, an improved 10MP front camera and the addition of a 14MP sensor for the triple camera system on the back.