In MWC 2019, the first foldable smartphones, Galaxy Fold, and Huawei Mate X, were revealed. The audience and the media welcomed them with enthusiasm. However, we all have the same question, Apple will release foldable iPhone?

As obviously Samsung Galaxy Fold, and Huawei Mate X are simple experiments, they are the generation 0 of foldable smartphones. The reason is simple, they are not made for mass production, they have problems with the screen, and they do not look resilient. The technology of foldable monitors is very new and that’s why Apple will wait or will have to solve the problems itself before starting mass production.

Another reason that Apple might wait before releasing a foldable iPhone is the iPad. Users instead of buying an iPhone and iPad will prefer to buy a foldable iPhone. That’s not a good thing for the company, because sales of iPads reach 10 million in the quarter. Also, Apple products have identity, an iPhone must be thin and light, an iPad, big and powerful. However, a foldable iPhone with the current technology will be less than a tablet, but thicker and heavier.

Also, Apple would never go to the slider mobiles. They were never resilient, and although we’ve seen them move a few in the last year, it’s certain that this fashion will never come back. The reason is simple, the reliability and simplicity of a slate phone is good for us to change both as consumers and as manufacturers. So, no matter if we’re talking about hinges or bendable displays, these constructions should be made solid and reliable before Apple uses them in its products.

Apple’s competition in the past year is down, as Samsung sales have declined. With Samsung concentrating on the foldable devices and getting over it, Apple has the freedom to build an unbeatable smartphone of 1.000$, and to deal with a foldable iPhone in the future.

Also, there are several reasons why Apple may be releasing a foldable device. First of all, Apple’s current strategy is to increase the average selling price of its products. A foldable iPhone that would cost at least $1.500 is particularly suited to this strategy. However, as it is known, the foldable technology is not at all inexpensive, so it is almost impossible for this device to cost less than $2.000, a value that has touched and surpassed Huawei’s and Samsung’s retractable phones.

Finally, as AppleInsider has known, Apple has filed a patent that reveals how it works on a folding screen that automatically warms the turning point. The reason is simply that folding screens can be worn at cold temperatures due to hardening of the turning point, so such technology may have solved the problem that users of Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X might face. that all companies file patents, but that does not mean they will use them in any product.