It looks like Youtube has a big problem. Over the last few days, as a result of the debate that has emerged around the subject of pedophiles on the platform, big companies are withdrawing their ads.

Earlier this week, a video by MattsWhatItIs made its appearance on Youtube, which was accompanied by a post at Reddit. According to Watson (formerly youtube creator), there is a “wormhole” pedophile on Youtube. As they say, pedophiles give links to comments that have child pornography material. Videos can be private on youtube or are external links.

At Watson, it took just two clicks to find it. He put a video, where there were girls with swimsuit and in the video suggested, had a little girl who just played. While the videos were innocent, the problem section of the video with the child was innocent. Users were linking with child pornography material.

Something that continues to create a headache on Google is that it can not find an effective way to tackle the problem. Although it upgraded the protection regulations in 2017, the problem continues to exist. Sometimes he deleted over 400 accounts that related to such activities and deleted millions of comments.

This problem, however, has resulted in major companies such as Nestle, Hasbro, Epic Games, AT & T and others withdrawing their ads from the platform. Company representatives have said they will not re-advertise on Youtube until Google resolves the problem.