The Nokia 9 PureView with the five cameras on the back looks ready to appear on the market, and renders from pockets may reveal the final design of a smartphone that is expected to take a look at all and will be the first with this strange camera setup.

Any new information about Nokia 9 PureView brings us closer to the revelation of this particular device, which has recently acquired bluetooth certification, which may mean its official release is approaching. This time the renders show the Nokia smartphone inside the cases and we have a more detailed view of the back with the five cameras and the seven total holes.

The cases show that there are five cameras and two holes for the flash and an optical sensor, and there is a microphone positioned above the cameras, a detail that has existed in the render we have seen so far. What is not clear about these renderings is the 3.5mm headphone jack, as the bottom hole looks more like the microphone than headphones.

Rumors want the cameras to consist of a 24MP lens, a high zoom lens, a 16MP wide angle lens, a macro lens, a black-and-white lens, an infrared / laser sensor for distant objects, and an LED flash. With regard to the other features, the device is rumored to have a 5.9-inch screen with Quad HD + resolution, an 18:9 notch ratio, a Snapdragon 845 processor, 8 GB RAM, 128GB of internal storage space and a 4150mAh battery.