Google, in August, discovered a security gap on Google+ that led to its shutdown in August 2019. But a new security gap that left exposed 52.5 million user accounts forcing Google to expedite the closure by 4 months.

The company discovered that users were affected by the bug with the November software update. The bug allowed someone to find information about the user, such as name, email, employment, sex, birthday, relationship, whether they are public or private. She found that there was a problem with the API during her tests and corrected it within a week. There is no indication so far that developers had access to this API to get user data until Google has repaired it.

However, Consumer Google+ will be permanently closed in April 2019, while access to all Google+ APIs will be blocked within the next 90 days.

Finally, in the rest of the time until April 2019, it will leave Google+ open for those users who want to get a copy of their data.