Unconfirmed information suggests that at least one version of the Samsung Galaxy S10+ will have 1TB of storage space and may be combined with 12GB of RAM. The 1TB version of the Galaxy S10+ if it is, will feature the new 1TB eUFS 2.1 version of Samsung manufacturing.

The announcement of this chip comes just 4 years after the release of the first version of the eUFS, at 128GB. The company says this new chip will provide smartphone owners with “storage capacity comparable to a premium laptop“.

The 1TB eUFS chip, although it is the same size as the 512GB version, launched in 2017, increased the read speed by 38% compared to the 512GB eUFS chip. The chip will allow users to store 260 10-minute videos in UHD 4K resolution and promises read speeds up to 1.000MB/s, which are almost twice the read speed of a conventional 2.5-inch SATA SSD.

Recording speeds will be 500 times faster than recording speeds on a classic micro SD card. These high speeds will allow continuous high-speed shooting at 960 frames per second and allow users to take full advantage of using their camera.