The next-generation mobile internet named 5G, which is an abbreviation for the fifth generation, is on the road and brings great download and upload speeds. Several companies like Samsung, LG and Huawei have already announced devices that will be 5G Ready. However, there are others like HTC who have not made any announcement, though they will probably be launching a device that supports the new mobile phone network.

For some months there are hints that HTC will come out of the smartphones market soon. However, a few days ago, in the Geekbench company’s unknown mid-range smarphone, and about a month ago the well-known leakster, Evan Blass revealed that the company might be working on a 5G smartphone model number 2Q6U. Now, a HTC mobile with the same model number, 2Q6U10000, received Bluetooth certification.

Unfortunately, the entry to the Bluetooth Launch Studio does not reveal anything about the smartphone beyond the fact that it will support Bluetooth v5.0. There are currently no rumors about the mobile, but according to theories maybe released under the name HTC U13, as the company has not yet released the next generation of the HTC U12.