Huawei’s exclusion from America is a matter of concern to the entire planet for at least 15 days. Companies stop working with Huawei, China is preparing a blacklist that Apple might be and may stop supplying materials to the US. ARM initially decided to stop working with the Chinese giant shortly afterwards but its co-founder argued that the blockade is damaging to the US industry. Two major technology giants Google and Facebook got to the point with the former claiming that the blockade is dangerous for the US while the second blocked it from having preinstalled app on its devices.

In addition, Huawei’s marketing and sales directors around the world believe the company will experience a significant drop in sales after the blockade decided by America’s Donald Trump. This fall, according to experts, will be between 40% and 60% worldwide.

Demand in different countries will be monitored frequently to accommodate shipments accordingly. In addition, Honor will also be forced to track demand and sales to stop the release of Honor 20 before it even starts distributing in more countries.

In order to offset the fall in sales, Huawei will target China’s market and the chief executive of the company said that America’s ban would have little effect on its growth.