Huawei is preparing to announce a breakthrough technology in the coming week, and it seems to have to do with the development of its own operating system, Kirin OS, which will run on Honor Play and will be based on Linux.

Huawei’s CEO, Yu Chengdong (Richard Yu), announced that the technology’s forefront of smartphone technology will make it feel “flying in the sky“. We should point out that since the core of Huawei’s new operating system is based on Linux, the issue of speed is expected to be one of the highlights of this effort, as of course accompanied by the hardware.

This move from Huawei does not mean that it will abandon Android, but it may well be that it would be good to have a “plan B” if at some point it has developed Kirin OS to such an extent that his maturity puts him competent for a smooth transition without fuss. Especially after the issue with ZTE and the US, which was itself accused of having the FBI chief asking consumers not to buy ZTE and Huawei devices, we can get to point to stop Huawei’s co-operation with Google.

Whatever it is, it is a move from Huawei that is expected with interest as the company’s dynamics in every field it deals with is such that any initiative on anything new that can benefit consumers and the smartphone industry is welcome . It remains to be seen what the company is preparing for the new operating system that is rumored to be coming up soon.