According to a Cowen report, which was sent to AppleInsider, the P30 Pro cameras are the most expensive that currently has any flagship on the market. In her report, Cowen presents the cost of accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S10 +, iPhone XS and Huawei P30 Pro cameras.

The lowest cost between the three devices is the iPhone XS camera, which costs about 30 € per device, and the second comes the Samsung Galaxy S10 + camera that costs about 40 € per device. At the same time, the Huawei P30 Pro cameras, along with the ToF sensor, cost about 50 €. Compared to Apple, Samsung and Huawei have a 1.3 and 1.7 times more expensive camera, respectively.

The Cowen report also reports the prices of the monitors for the three devices, and here things are changing somewhat. In the first place we have Samsung, because the Galaxy S10 + screen costs about 110 €, second is Apple with an XS screen cost of ~ 105 €, and third, Huawei with the P30 Pro screen costs less than 98 €. It is also worth noting that the iPhone XS is an older device than the Galaxy S10 + and P30 Pro, so Samsung and Huawei have the time to improve the cost of their flagships.