Huawei has already announced that in 2019 it will release its first 5G smartphone, with Deputy Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Ken Hu stressing that it will have a retractable screen.

It is true that Huawei has long been bringing the “5G” more and more into the news about its plans for it, and it is not hidden how she is developing her own folding smartphone to be unveiled in mid-2019. These two features will be combined as Deputy Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Ken Hu announced at the World Economic Forum that the company’s 5G device will feature a retractable screen.

Ken Hu’s statements coincide with the information that the company’s 5G smartphone will be featured in June 2019, and as they all seem to be equipped with a retractable screen. Logically, there was no other statement about the features of this new type of smartphone, which is done with all manufacturers so as not to leak any of them.