According to reports, Apple is expected to release a pocket iPhone version in March 2020. Economic Daily News has published a text stating that the pocket iPhone will be rebooting the iPhone 8, except that it will display 4.7 inch and will be called iPhone 8S.

The idea behind this model is similar to that of the iPhone SE, that is, the company will put older generation technology into a refurbished package. The price of the iPhone 8S will be significantly lower than today’s top models, making it an attractive device for consumers in growing markets.

iPhone 8

According to Economic Daily News, inside the iPhone 8S we will find the Apple A13 processor and 128GB of storage space. Outside the device will look like the iPhone 8 and it will have a back camera. The price of the smartphone is expected to be at $649.

In addition, Apple is expected to produce 20 million devices, hoping to increase its market share in mid-range smartphones, since it is losing out on Chinese markets such as Oppo and Vivo.