Qualcomm reports that Apple intends to use Intel’s modem for the next iPhone instead of its own, resulting in lower speeds than the corresponding Android smartphone.

All this is evolving amid Apple’s legal dispute with Qualcomm, which believes Intel will be the exclusive supplier for iPhone modems from now on. Then Qualcomm’s president, Cristiano Amon, asked whether this meant stopping any collaboration with Apple and responding to the potential of this industry that once again the opportunity for a partnership with Apple then Qualcomm will once again become a supplier for iPhone modems.

Intel, which Qualcomm mentions without directly naming it, has begun to supply the iPhone 7 with its own modem, without becoming the exclusive Apple supplier, since it continued to receive modem from both companies. While there are indications that Apple is about to stop working with Qualcomm on iPhone modems, it looks like this will not happen now as Apple may have 30% of Qualcomm’s modem.

Qualcomm’s announcement on the rival company and Apple comes shortly after Qualcomm’s ad about the speed of the Android smartphone with its own modem. Tests made through the Ookla speedtest showed that the Qualcomm modem Snapdragon 845 gave 53% and 40% higher speeds than iPhone, T-Mobile and AT & T respectively.