This is one of the most popular Youtube speed tests. It is the “father” of speed comparison with the same applications simultaneously in two rounds. The reason for the Phonebuff’s speed test, which has been around for years to compare the flagship flagship of the generation to end up with the fastest smartphone.

For a long time, Standing Champions of the Phonebuff Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčTest was Apple‘s iPhones. Cupertino’s proposals shook the competition, leaving behind the majority of Android flags. IPhones lost only from their new replacements and, usually, from next year’s Android models. But everything changed last summer with the launch of OnePlus 5. For the first time in the Phonebuff, the iPhone (and in particular the iPhone 7 Plus) lost its OnePlus device, even if it needed 8GB of RAM to achieve this.

With the launch of Galaxy Note 8, Samsung has managed to defeat Apple’s own smartphone, iPhone 8 Plus, for the first time. Many thought future versions of iOS 11 would improve the result, but that did not happen. Even the iPhone X (which incorporates the same processor and system memory as the 8 Plus) failed to override the new Note. In addition, a few weeks ago OnePlus announced the 5T, a slightly improved version of 5 with a refined design and a better camera / screen. The new smartphone automatically took the lead from its predecessor as the fastest mobile of all and was compared with the most expensive mobile phone of history (to date) .

The popular Youtube channel published its own test speed between iPhone X and OnePlus 5T. Will the data be varied or will the result be the same as EverythingApplePro? Is it finally enough to have 3GB of RAM in iOS or does it seem that the applications are more demanding? Is this the first year that iPhones will be out of the top in speed comparisons? You can watch the video at the beginning of the article and answer the above questions.