In recent weeks, we have been seeing rumors, leaks, and concept renders on the Apple iPhone XI and XI Max on the internet, to the point where we are accustomed to designing upcoming Apple smartphones. Today, new concept renders were released by HKI Products, which give us a more realistic look at the phone.

The renders shows the iPhone XI as we would expect to be based on leaks. The device has a metal chassis that makes it look more premium than ever. With the release of the latest iPad, Apple uses a composite material that is lighter, stronger, more durable and impenetrable. So, it makes sense for the company to use the same hardware for the iPhone 2019.

On the front side, we can see the biggest notch seen in the history of the notches that houses the camera, headset, dot-projector and infrared equipment that allows for facial recognition.

In general, it is well known that the smaller the display bezels, the higher the cost of construction. Of course, Apple can bear this cost because it usually transfers to the final price of its devices.

The new iPhones 2019 show almost no significant difference with their ancestors, except the triple back camera. Something that unfortunately is the worst part of the final device design. It also looks like Apple placed the camera module at that point because it just found that there would be less ugly.

Considering the excellent finishing, smooth metal, soft rounded edges and silky texture of the device, the camera bumps out of nowhere to spoil the overall design of the iPhone 2019. Unfortunately, however, the owners of the new iPhone will they have to learn to live with it, because Apple does not advance to change the design of the devices.

According to rumors, Apple will make the cameras look less visible using special glass. Unfortunately, it’s not the whole black or the same material, so the module stands out, and quite a lot. Especially if another color other than black is used for the glass, then the device increases the ugliness of the module.

The iPhone 2019 is expected to be released in September, and we are sure there will not be a 5G version after the Qualcomm agreement was not established soon.