Massive solid-state battery production, which will greatly improve device autonomy, may be in a mass production process closer than ever since a startup company in China says it’s ready for that.

According to sources, the Qing Tao Energy Development Co. from China, claims to have found a way to proceed to the mass production of solid-state batteries, already having a production line in eastern China capable of producing 100MWh batteries each year, aiming to reach 700MWh by 2020. power in each unit is 400Wh / Kg and is 30% greater than that of lithium-ion batteries that reach 250-300Wh / kg.

Solid-state batteries, that is, solid type, in which all of its components, including the electrolyte, are solid and “compact” have many advantages and would be very pleasant to see them replace lithium-ion batteries, improving the autonomy of the devices that will use it to a large extent.

Solid-state batteries have two to three times more capacity for the same size and weight than lithium-ion batteries, they charge in a shorter time, they are not overheated, they are safer as they do not fire on their own, while having lower production costs.