After Samsung and Huawei, Lenovo will present the Z5s on December 6, its own smartphone design with an all-screen design and a selfie camera placed under the screen in a hole located at its center rather than on the left side like its competitors.

According to recent leaks regarding the Lenovo Z5s, they show an all-screen design with no notch, with the selfie camera positioned in a small hole under the screen and at the center, at the same height as the line alert, signal, and battery level icons.

We’ll learn all this in two days where the Lenovo Z5s will be presented, with the poster on it published in Weibo. The Lenovo poster shows the “Z” in the size of the smartphone with the point where the selfie camera will appear brighter, indicating that at that point there will be a selfie camera, as shown by the photos leaked to its screen Z5s.

Finally, the specs of the Lenovo Z5s talk about a 6.3 inch screen with Full HD + resolution, Snapdragon 675 processor and triple camera on the back, with the battery pack of the device having a capacity of 3210mAh.