Lenovo via teaser poster reveals the presentation of a smartphone on October 16th, which can not be ruled out by the Lenovo Z5 or the Lenovo Z5 Pro, which we saw in the hands of the vice president of the company at Tech World 2018 in China.

The teaser poster that is calling for a smartphone presentation on October 16 reports “The killer returns” and may have to do with a smartphone to be announced for purchases outside China. We should mention that the Lenovo Z5, despite being seen as bezel-less and notch, was released with bezel and notch on the screen, with Lenovo satisfied with sales in China.

For this reason, it may have decided to release it on the other markets, with the presentation on October 16 being expected with great interest. Alternatively, the company could present the Lenovo Z5 Pro which, in the hands of its vice president, appeared to be bezel-less, which may mean that the selfie camera will appear on a device similar to those used by Vivo NEX S and OPPO Find X and we should not exclude the existence of a fingerprint reader built into its screen.