TigerMobiles has identified a new LG Electronics patent that the company filed with the Turkish Patent Institute. The patent concerns a device with pinch hole, big chin and top bezel.

LG has not used this technology on any of its devices so far, but seems to be looking into this. Based on the picture accompanying the patent do not understand the reason, because the device has an extremely large chin and the top bezel does not say it too small.

One key difference with the other implementations we have seen is that LG chose to place the punch hole in the left corner of the screen instead of the right. The image shows a smartphone with triple back camera, LED flash, conventional fingerprint sensor, and classic headphone port on the underside.

On the left side of the smartphone, we see the volume down and switch off buttons. As far as the right side is concerned, there is a port for the SIM card and a button that could be directly powered by Google Assistant. Of course, if this is the case, the patent concerns an Android One smartphone.

The patent shows that LG does not intend to offer anything special, at least with this device, and certainly this patent does not concern a flagship.