Microsoft managed to surpass Apple for the first time in eight years, making it the largest company in the US almost four months after Apple became the first company in the US. PA worth 1 trillion. dollars.

The largest US stock maker in the US is no longer Apple, as Microsoft surpassed one billion dollars to $ 813 billion. We should remember that Apple has reached its market value of one trillion. dollars at the beginning of August and became the first US company to do so, with Amazon managing the same a few days later.

Since then, sales of the new and very expensive iPhone Xs, Xs Max and XR along with iCloud and Apple Music have brought Apple not only below its record but under Microsoft for the first time since from eight years ago, with the popular company behind Windows to perform better.

More specifically, Microsoft is doing well with Azure cloud services and the Office 365 subscription model, and in the video games sector, the predictions give a very positive climate with regard to XboX All Access that provides access to many video games for the popular Microsoft console.

The latest quarter of the year is eagerly anticipated as Apple released the new iPad Pro, Mac mini, and MacBook Air, and its collaboration with Amazon to sell its products is expected to strengthen it, which will be seen in the closure year on whether Microsoft will eventually remain the largest US company.