Twitter has shown users that some Nokia 9 PureView have a problem with the fingerprint scanner. A related video on the same platform shows the fingerprint scanner to be fooled by both unregistered fingerprints and a pack of chewing gum.

The problem occurred after HMD Global released an updated version of Nokia 9 PureView, which is said to have turned the fingerprint scanner. HMD may reduce the sensitivity of the smartphone to make it more effective, but that does not explain why only some phones have been affected.

But the impression is that the scanner is easily outraged by unregistered fingerprints as well as foreign objects.

Eric Zeman named the scanner as “virtually useless” and was “the worst he has ever used”. The sensor was troubled from the beginning and it is said to be too difficult to succeed in unlocking the phone. In-display fingerprint sensors have been on smartphones for the past year and so far lag behind those we previously met in both speed and precision.

The problem may be resolved by a future software update.