Nokia 8 Sirocco starts upgrading to Android 9 Pie with key features such as the new gesture navigation system and Digital Wellbeing.

The owners of Nokia’s flagship can now upgrade their device to the highly anticipated Android 9 Pie. After waiting months and only a few weeks after Nokia’s upgrading 5.1 becomes the 8th Nokia device that will wear the latest version of Android software. In addition to this upgrade, Nokia 8 Sirocco will also install the security software in December 2018.

The changes that Sirocco owners will see are about adding features such as “Adaptive Brightness“, “Adaptive Battery” and “App Actions“. The above features have to do with a kind of AI, where the operating system will learn from the everyday occupations of the user and adapt the various features (such as brightness, battery usage, etc.) based on his habits. In addition, he will propose to him in miniature applications he may want to use at the moment.

The upgrade package has a size of 1.38 GB. For those owners who have not updated the new version of Android, they can search for it themselves from the System Updates section of the settings menu.