Through an official teaser from ZTE we have the appearance of the Nubia Z18S which appears to have a screen covering most of the front of the device while also having a second screen on the back of the device.

The ZTE device reminds us of the YotaPhone, which features a black-and-white E-Ink screen on the back of the device, as the teaser poster shows a dual screen, with the front panel covering most of the device as the bezel shows very young.

The difference with the screen on the back of the device shown by ZTE is that it looks to be colored, smaller in size than the front screen and lower resolution. Also, impressing is the absence of the selfie camera, with this function being served through the second screen after inserting the main dual camera of the device we can see ourselves on the second screen and capture our favorite selfie moments.

With the notch on screen to divide consumers, ZTE’s proposal does not adopt this new fashion and instead places a second screen on the back of the device. The utility of the second screen remains a question mark as the teaser clearly shows how icons corresponding to apps will appear, giving the impression that this screen will have reason to exist and will not be helpful.

Finally, the technical features of the Nubia Z18S are not known, but the list showing the devices that will be equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 also includes the smartphone from ZTE.