After the last battery life issue in OnePlus 6T, a new bug seems to be plaguing the owners of both OP6T and OP6. The issue has to do with recording audio through any 3rd party application. Owners report that sound on WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and other apps is bad, tense and with a big issue in quality.

Obviously, the source of the problem is a software issue because the owners have discovered that recording is not done by the main microphone but by the external noise canceling microphone located on the top of the device. According to the latest reports in Reddit, the same issue seems to be found in older models like OnePlus 5 and 3. Curiously, some applications like Instagram are not affected by the bug. Google Assistant also appears to be affected as owners report having trouble activating it through the “Hey, Google” voice command.

OnePlus is expected to promote a software update for all affected devices. We will inform you once announced.