Reports are growing for major problems when using the OnePlus 6T by users of the device, expressing their disappointment mainly for the very fast take-off of the mobile battery, with their comments on technology websites.

A user’s comment said his device in the past 1-2 days had a battery life of less than half. He tried to disable all possible energy-intensive applications or settings but did not see any change. It even imposed restrictions on what apps will run in the background and which ones do not. It cleared the cache, made the necessary updates but in vain.

Another owner of the OnePlus 6T reported that his smartphone managed to stay on for 6-7 hours. Now the hours have fallen to 4 until the battery runs out and the cellphone goes out. Another user reported that his cell phone was not just overwhelmed by battery over-fast, but also that the device raised excessive temperatures. This particular owner added in his comment that his problems were resolved when he restored factory settings.

OnePlus 6T is powered by the largest battery ever used on a OnePlus phone and has a capacity of 3700mAh. The manufacturer claims that Fast Charge will give OnePlus 6T daily battery power after just 30 minutes of charging.

For someone who does not want to restore their OnePlus 6T to their factory settings, they will have to deal with the battery problem until OnePlus takes out a software update to eliminate this error.