It’s been 3 months since the release of OnePlus 6T and we are about 3-4 months before the launch of OnePlus 7’s next flagship. Still not much information has been known, but if the photo leaked online , then we will be talking about a landmark OnePlus. This particular device, as it seems it will not have sideless bezzels, will not have a notch, it will not have a hole-punch camera.

With OnePlus 6T, it’s easy to see how the camera was tapped at the top of the screen to capture the least space, so the speaker was discreetly transferred to the device. In OnePlus 7, all of the above will be positioned, if the reputation is right and the picture is correct, in a sliding frame under the screen, inside the chassis of the device, as it happens in the 1st smartphone that applied this technique. Oppo Find X. This pop-up slider mechanism will host the camera, ambient light sensor, LED alert system, and most likely face recognition. The speaker remains in the fixed part of the device.

We do not know whether rumors will be verified and if these photos really belong to the upcoming flagship OnePlus 7, we think the next trend in smartphones after the notches and hole-punch cameras would be to pop-up slider mechanisms for even more enjoyable screens on upcoming devices.