It looks like the time has come to see how it will be the next OnePlus smartphone as a photo of an internal meeting of the company showing the new device, present by CEO Pete Lau, but it is unclear whether it is 5G OnePlus or OnePlus 7.

In a photo inside an in-house meeting where a device that might be one of OnePlus 7 or OnePlus 5G appears. In addition to the on-screen device, we have another one in the meeting office, and another one in the hands of Pete Lau, the OnePlus CEO.

The changes to the device design are in the back where instead of the dual camera we have seen in OnePlus 6T, there is a rounded area where the cameras will be located. The device portrayed is likely to be a prototype model and it is not known whether it is the 5G model, which, as announced by Pete Lau, will have a different design, or it concerns the successor to OnePlus 6T.

It remains to be seen what OnePlus will prepare for both the 5G smartphone and the OnePlus 7 with the competition expected to be strong both on the smartphones we know up to now and on those that will be able to connect to the 5G networks.