After the Vivo teaser on the dual screen Vivo NEX 2, it’s time to look at some real photos of the device that reveal its design, with the focus being mainly on the back.

Vivo is preparing to present NEX 2 in the coming days, with a possible date to be December 11, but there is no official update on it. Vivo is expected to showcase the successor of Vivo NEX with a dual screen, which is clearly seen in real-life photos leaked at Weibo.

The photos that showed up show the Vivo NEX 2 in two colors but both sides while comparing with Vivo NEX S. Although the devices are not activated, we notice that the bezel on the front is very small, while at the back we have a smaller screen, the company logo and a triple camera in a horizontal layout, and the ring that will have the ability to switch RGB colors.

With the other features of the device that are visible, we have the USB-C port at the bottom and the 3.5mm headphone port on the top. Additionally, there was an ad on China’s TV and social media where NEX 2 is a device coming from the future, showing the screens on each side from time to time.