Samsung has confirmed it will delay the availability of Samsung Galaxy Fold in China, originally scheduled to be released on April 24th. A Samsung spokesman confirmed the above postponement to CNBC, but did not specify the reasons for this postponement.

In addition, according to Engadget, the release of Samsung Galaxy Fold in the Hong Kong market was postponed, which would otherwise have taken place with the arrival of the device on the Chinese market.

It has recently been reported that several previewers face a variety of problems with the Samsung Galaxy Fold screen, such as unstable operation, the presence of a black line in the center, while someone said the screen broke due to the hinge pressure received by the hinge.

Samsung had taken care of the test devices to have a sticker that warned the owners not to remove the protective film from the screen. In spite of the warning, several have taken care to remove this membrane, a move that may have been the cause of some of the problems the devices have had.

Initially, Samsung had stated that it would investigate the reported screen problems to see what might have caused them. However, later the company said owners are blamed for these problems and will not make any changes to Samsung Galaxy Fold traffic plans.

Samsung did not make any announcement regarding Samsung Galaxy Fold’s final release dates. For now, what we know is that the device is expected to be released in the US on April 26th.