The Samsung Display is working on two new foldable screens to make them available in the market this year. The models on which Samsung Display works are of a different size. One screen model will be 8″ and the other 13″. The rumors want the screens to be completed soon and circulate in ’19, but nothing has been said about where we will see their implementation.

The new designs are codenamed G-Type and S-Type. Names are defined based on how the screens will fold, as you can see in the photos of our article. It is said that the 8″ screen is G-type, while the 13″ is S-type. The sizes resemble those of the iPad mini and iPad Pro, but we know nothing more.

The G-type screen when it folds will have the part of the back screen active for any job. On the other hand, the S-type screen, when folded, will have its front part active.