A short hands-on video posted on the internet confirmed our biggest fear of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Fold and its foldable screen. What had been discussed, that is, the aspect where “collapsing” to fold is visible, is confirmed by the video in question.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold was announced with the new Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 + and the device was largely kept away from the eye of strange journalists like us. Samsung did not allow anyone to keep it in his hands or to get on hand in hand.

At the Unpacked event in San Francisco, as well as at the MWC 2019, the device was smartly positioned inside a display case that hid the screen aspect. Of course, Huawei did not let anyone grab its own folding smartphone, Mate X.

It is as if Samsung did not want anyone to see that there is a strong aspect of the screen when the Samsung Galaxy Fold is “open”. The company shared several of her own hands-on videos on the device, in which this aspect is not apparent. However, the owner of a Samsung Galaxy Fold has published a video in which it clearly shows a bold vertical line center of the screen.

Beyond the aspect that is clearly seen in this video, on the right-hand corner of the screen, we can see a large notch that we have never seen before.

We do not know whether this device has a flaw, but we reserve the right time and when the moment comes we will hold a Samsung Galaxy Fold to tell you what we saw.

Finally, in the video we can get a glimpse of how the Android 9 Pie looks at the Samsung Galaxy Fold.