Samsung checks the defects of the Galaxy Fold and will decide when to launch the foldable smartphone in a few days, said Samsung Electronics CEO DJ Koh.

Koh argues that the new smartphone release date in the US is not far off. A few days earlier, Samsung via email informed those who had pre-ordered Galaxy Fold that orders will be canceled automatically if it is not shipped by the end of May.

DJ Koh did not say whether the Galaxy Fold missions will begin before this deadline, but May is slowly ending, so we will know in a few days. He also referred to the changes made by Samsung to make the Galaxy Fold more durable.

The changes concern two important issues that have arisen. First, objects that came in the phone through the hinge, and secondly, the jelly that looked like a protective cover and mistakenly tried to make reviewers.

Samsung aims to reinforce some points in the opening and closing mechanism and is expected to reduce the gap between the screen cover and screen bezel to prevent objects or dust from entering.