Thanks to Spigen, we have the opportunity to see the first cases for Samsung first foldable smartphone. The company is already developing the first cases of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, which we hope will work with the strange design of the device.

According to Verge, Spigen was working on 20 protypes before the Galaxy Fold was officially announced. Last week, Samsung officially unveiled Samsung’s unpacked event, Spigen created a model of the foldable smartphone to begin testing the original cases. Spigen intends to release three case models for the Galaxy Fold, Thin Fit, Ultra Hybrid, and Tough Armor’s most popular model. The cases will be made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and polycarbonate (PC).

But the main question is how will the cases work with the flexible hinge that is in the middle of the Samsung Galaxy Fold screen? According to Spigen, the Tough Armor case will have a special construction structure to bend. However, the company does not want to reveal many details, mainly due to competition on the market.

Spigen is still under test for the best design of Samsung Galaxy Fold, but plans to release all three models on April 26th. Also, another smartphone maker is working on the case design for Samsung Galaxy Fold, Zagg. However, the development of the foldable smatphone case is currently stopped because the company does not have access to the device.