Samsung Galaxy Note 10 may be expected in October, however, the rumors surrounding Samsung’s new model are coming and going. Lately, we’ve seen renders on the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and we’ve read a lot of information about its features.

But what seems to be sparkling the interest of many is the releases that are said to be releasing the Galaxy Note 10. A while ago, we had heard that it would be released in a 5G version, and now a Korean website is talking about another version.

According to The Bell, Galaxy Note 10 will also be released in Galaxy Note 10e. In the information he says, his screen will be 6.7 “smaller than its standard version. It is also said that it will not support 5G, while the fingerprint sensor will not be on the screen.

Its price is also said to be high, while in the Korean web site reference, there is talk of official circulation in Europe in August instead of October we know so far.