Samsung to further enhance this photographic features of the Galaxy S10 series is preparing an update that will further enhance their capabilities. Owners of the S10 Series in Switzerland are the first to receive the firmware update that will improve Night mode, Live Focus and bring the May patch of security.

When the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 + and Galaxy S10e were released, their camera has Bright Night modes that were not particularly good. To improve photos at night, Samsung increased shutter speed and reduced photo noise. In addition, users can now also use ultra wide with f / 2.2 camera in Night mode.

Also, those who have the S10 or S10 + will now be able to use telephoto and Live Focus. This will allow users to get closer to the objects they want to photograph to make background clouds better.

The security patch has begun to be available from some providers, but the update for the camera is expected to come in early June