With a simple teaser poster that was published today at Weibo, Samsung is clearly responding to Huawei and Dx0Mark for yesterday’s Huawei P30 Pro announcement as the world’s leading camera phone.

We remind that yesterday, the Dx0Mark released the P30 Pro camera / video / video rating with a total score of 112, leaving behind the Samsung Galaxy S10 + as well as two smartphones of the same company, Mate 20 Pro and P20 Pro, score 109. To achieve this figure, Huawei’s smartphone in the photo is rated 119, but in video recording it gets a modest degree, only 97 units, and its selfie camera gets a little, just 89.

The Koreans did not let this low score in video recording go “lost” and today they raised the teaser you see with inequality:

109 + 96 > 112 + 89

On the left side is the sum of the scores of the Galaxy S10 + on a main camera / selfie camera from Dx0Mark and on the right the corresponding performance of the Huawei P30 Pro, which are cumulatively smaller than those of the Korean flagship. The truth is that the differences between the two top devices are minimal in terms of photography, but Samsung’s trolling to Huawei certainly has its grace.