Samsung is launching mass production of the newer high-capacity DRAM chip. The new chip is the first low-power double-rate 4x (LPDDR4X) 12GB package and will be integrated into the next-generation premium smartphone.

The 12GB capacity was achieved by combining six (16) LPDDR4X chips, 16-gigabit each, based on second-generation processing of 10nm (1y-nm), in a single package, freeing up more space for the smartphone’s battery. Additionally, using Samsung’s 1y-nm technology, the new 12GB mobile memory ensures a data rate of up to 34.1GB per second while reducing the unavoidable increase in power consumption caused by boosting DRAM capacity.

Samsung has managed to reach 12GB of capacity by combining six LPDDR4X chips of 16gb (Gb) based on the second generation of 10nm-class (1y-nm), creating more room for the battery. In addition, the new memory has a data rate of 34.1GB per second, minimizing power consumption.