Earlier this year, Samsung has become the leader in the foldable smartphone market by announcing Samsung Galaxy Fold. Although the device’s release was postponed due to multiple reports of various screen problems, the Korean company is rumored to be working on two more foldable devices.

Samsung has patently filed patents for new additions to foldable devices and monitors. The most recent patent that appeared on the WIPO website concerns a phone that has a wrap-around screen.

However, today 91mobiles smashed another patent from the USPTO database. The name of the patent is Rollable Display Device, owned by Samsung Display and published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The most interesting piece of the unknown device is that it has more than 20 hinges. The images show a single flexible screen with several hinges that are very close.

Unlike Samsung’s earlier patents for foldable devices, it seems to be very flexible. We expect this design to allow the device to have a huge screen and a large level of portability when fully folded.

Based on the number of hinges, we expect this design to be used to create a tablet, laptop and a foldable smartphone. In addition, using the appropriate screens, these devices could have either just the main screen or two screens one front and one back.

Finally, the patent discloses that there are several supports in the interior of the device which are connected to rotating hinges. The necessary hardware such as the PCB and others needed to power the device are connected to a flexible circuit board. All parts of the appliance are held together using a sealant.