More and more owners of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro are flooding forums, indicating a problem with the green-green screen, with Huawei not yet taking a position on what is causing this problem and the possible solutions.

This problem occurs mainly when the background is dark gray, while in other cases it has white shades and is even related to the brightness of the screen that is bright green at its edges. Users report that the problem appears in the Mate 20 Pro that have a screen manufactured by LG, while those with a BOE display do not show the slightest.

There are users who say that the appearance of green color is becoming more intense as the days go by and may have to do with Huawei’s glue on the screen, with Mate 20 Pro owners having already made the hashtag #gluegate . We have to mention that this problem has occurred in other smartphones in the past.