Last year, Huawei was the first to launch the trend of the three back cameras on smartphones. This year, several companies adopt the four-camera model, and Nokia has gone even further by putting five cameras on the Nokia 9 PureView.

As the cameras grow, consumers are wondering until companies arrive, and manufacturers are considering different layout variants. Several characterize it as the worst of all of the iPhone 2019.

Sony decided to go with the cameras and put them on the device on another level. So he thought of putting eight cameras on the device and the backs having a device similar to that of the iPhone 2019.

According to tipster Max J., Sony is working on a Xperia smartphone with six main rear cameras. Earlier this year, Sony introduced Sony Xperia 1, where the company advertised the cameras in particular, and as it all seems to want to continue focusing on the cameras sector as it holds it in particular.

Also, Max J. said that beyond the six rear cameras, the device will have two selfie, that is, a total of 8 lenses on one device. He shared a picture of how the device looks like and pointed out that since the smartphone is still under development we do not know much.

Based on assumptions, we expect the rear module to have the main lens, a telephoto lens, a ToF sensor, a super-wide-angle and two monochrome. As for the two selfie cameras, this is more common and we will probably see a basic camera and a wide-angle.