A lots journalists in the technology world found in an event organized by Qualcomm to test the Snapdragon 845 and run some benchmarks on a reference device that was created to showcase the performance of the new platform. Androidcentral.com ran a total of 12 different benchmarks that make CPU, GPU, and memory reach its limits. All together, they give us an insight into how Snapdragon 845 SoC behaves. Note that the reference device had a 2560×1440 LCD and 6GB RAM. The benchmarks were:

The above figures really not be translated as good or bad for the end user experience using a smartphone with Snapdragon 845. Even Qualcomm that gave the referencing device for benchmarks agrees with a such a vision. The tendency to call it a processor will continue to exist for a while, but it is becoming clear now that Qualcomm itself now calls it a platform. It has a two-core CPU, a GPU, it has a secure processing unit, a super-advanced LTE modem, an image signal processor, two different audio subsystems and its own memory. It’s no longer just a processor and it’s one of the reasons that Qualcomm is becoming less interested in these numbers.

Qualcomm reference device

None of the benchmarks run by androidcentral.com responds to real conditions, ie with additional software and user-generated data. And that is why we can not even now have a realistic view of what the Snapdragon 845 will offer to a user who will choose to buy the Galaxy S9 or any other flagship in 2018. The full evaluation of the Snapdragon 845 will do as soon as we have the first flagship smartphones.