Apple is re-launching iPhone SE. It goes into so-called “stock clearance” and will be emptied from iPhone SE, in 2 capacities 64GB & 128GB. Specifically, the 64GB will be sold at $249 and 128GB at $299.

This model may have made its debut in early 2016, but it can even pick up the latest iOS version. Its technical features include the A9 processor and a 12 megapixel rear camera. It is basically a shrunk iPhone 6s. It would not be a bad choice for someone who has an iPhone that plans to change and does not want to give a lot of money but wants to stay in the Apple family.

It is not confirmed why Apple is currently bringing iPhone SE back to sales. It will not obviously hurt to sell a few more iPhones. The company also recently announced that it would drop out on the first quarter of the year after the low iPhone sales in China and other regions that did not meet their expectations. So such a move could help improve numbers as it begins in 2019.