In 2019, it is expected to be the year that most smartphone makers will showcase the first folding devices, and everyone is wondering how to design this particular smartphone, with Lenovo’s suggestion being revealed in a short video.

The video reveals a device, possibly in the form of a prototype, which appears to be quite tall, something that sounds normal as it will fold and its size will be reduced to half, with the folding mechanism reminiscent of the one we find in Microsoft Surface Book 2.

The device looks quite original and is something we are not used to, hoping that its design has been improved until it’s official release, provided of course it can be mass-produced. We should mention that in 2017 Lenovo showed a demo of Cplus, which was a folding device in the form of an AMOLED bracelet at 4.35 inches.

Lenovo did not rule out the possibility of launching the original Moto RAZR device at the expense of Cplus, bringing memories from the Motorola device, which, according to many consumers, had a revolutionary design when it was released in 2004.