A few days before the official launch of the Apple Mac mini, we had the first Geekbench tests with the results showing that it is close to the 2013 Mac Pro.

The VentureBeat tested the basic model, which is equipped with the Core i7 quad core processor at 3.2GHz. The Mac mini achieved 5512 points in the single-core and 23516 points in the multi-core test, with the results ranking it in mid-configuration of the latest generation Mac Pro 2013 which have 8 cores and run at 3.0GHz.

The Mac Pro with 12 cores, like most iMac Pro, outperform Mac mini, but have a higher purchase cost. Comparing it with the new Retina MacBook Air, the Mac mini shows that although small, it can do even in demanding processes, something that needs to be seen in practice, since everyday use is what will make users see how powerful it is.