Within 3 years, the Clash Royale smartphone strategy game has earned $ 2.5 billion from the App Store and Google Play. We are talking about an average of nearly $ 2.3 million per day spent by gamblers around the world since March 2016 that released the game.

Most revenue – 30% or about $ 750 million – came from the US, while Germany came second with 9%. The App Store and Google Play made $ 375 million, and the remaining $ 1.75 billion went to Supercell to make the game.

All this money has come to add to the $ 6.4 billion that has won the previous Supercell game, “Clash of Clans” (inspired by “Clash Royale”) from 2012 to today. In fact, this particular game in its first three years had gone even better than the new one, with $ 700 million more in revenue.

Best of all? Both games are free-to-play, which means they are available for free, but those who want to make their lives easier within the game should put their hand in the pocket and sometimes even.