Xiaomi has grown rapidly in recent years and has introduced innovative products. One of the most important events in the company’s history was when it was introduced to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange under the title HEX1810. This is a clear example of aggressive politics and future expansion. Xiaomi’s new headquarters in Wuhan are just the beginning of expansion. This is the new “fashion” in Chinese companies. Colossians such as Alibaba, Huawei etc. have built headquarters away from their old seats.

Xiaomi launched the construction of Wuhan HQ last year. This will be the new center for the sales department and will also house 10,000 new engineers. In an interview with them, some Xiaomi officials said the building would be ready in the fourth quarter of 2019.

The building is located in an area housed by a multitude of technology companies – the equivalent of Silicon Valley in China. Wuhan is ideal for R & D activities because it is located in the center of China and there is a huge pool of talented young people thanks to the reputed universities of the region.

According to Xiaomi people, the new building will host new engineers and aspire to take on a wide range of products. These include Artificial Intelligence, Internet Of Things, Big Data, Cloud Technologies and others.

To tempt its workers from moving to Wuhan from other parts of China, it provides Beijing-level salary and an amount for resettlement expenses. On the contrary, it asks workers to stay in their new place for at least two years.