The “fight” of the foldable smartphone in 2019 is expected to be even more intense as ZTE’s patent pledges to develop its own flip-flop smartphone.

In 2017, ZTE introduced the ZTE Axon M which may be a folding smartphone but essentially two 5.2-inch screens connected to each other and not the same as what Samsung, Huawei, LG and other manufacturers their folding smartphones consist of a retractable screen, the logic we saw from Samsung with the Infinity Flex Display.

With the patent filed by ZTE at the National Intellectual Property Administration in China, we have a first picture of how the company imagines the realization of a truly retractable smartphone with an external screen and an internal retractable, reminding of the one presented by Samsung in Developer Conference 2018.

ZTE filed this patent on February 27, with the screens showing that they are the same height, and when the device is “unfolding” then it turns into a tablet. Finally, the other features that appear in the patent show that we have a dual camera at the back along with the digital fingerprint reader, which may mean that there will be no fingerprint reader built into the screen.